Working with Nature Spirits

ladybug_on_mumWorking with nature spirits and growing sustainably is only new to us who live in this modern age of industrial agriculture.  Past farming cultures not only knew about nature spirits but asked for their help to grow crops to nourish their families and communities.  Some of that knowledge survives today through traditional cultures.  In this day of returning to organically grown food, we again have an awareness that we need to work with natural processes rather than rely on chemicals and soil destroying methods.  Our consciousness and nature spirits are integral to natural processes.

The physical plane of existence is but one aspect of our environment.  Even Physicists are acknowledging this as seen in the movie “What the Bleep.”  Relying on only what can be seen, heard or felt through the physical senses limits the interconnectedness with life around us.  Although you may not see nature spirits they are still among us, we need only to tell them we are interested in contacting them, open our hearts, and trust in our intuition.

During my life I have had experiences communicating with nature spirits and animals in my garden and during hikes and travels.   It is a part of who I am which I kept mostly to myself and few friends.  I am now adding this expertise to the knowledge and skills that I offer to my clients as the Gardening Coach.

I offer classes, workshops, and private consultations on working with nature spirits to help clients learn what nature spirits are and how to interact with them.  During these classes you will learn to trust your intuitive side and begin building a relationship with the spirits of nature.

The first thing a client learns is that nature spirits won’t do the work of gardening for them but they can help if we listen closely.  When we expand our awareness, we can learn from their perspective when nature or ourselves are out of balance and what to do to bring it in balance.  An out of balance situation may be manifestations of what we call weeds, pests, or generally poor crops.  A garden is in balance when the gardener, soil, animals, insects, microbes, water, sun, and plants are in harmony.

Many books about working with nature spirits are available.  Although not a complete list, a few books that I found relevant are listed below.

  • The Findhorn Garden- Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation by The Findhorn Community 1975
  • The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 1973
  • The Secret Life of Nature by Peter Tompkins 1997
  • Ask Mother Nature-A Conscious Gardeners Guide by Ellen Vande Visse 2009
  • The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto 2004